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Poppy and Someday Breast Oil

Poppy and Someday Breast Oil

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A gentle herbal infused oil that helps to balance, detoxify, soften breast tissue, improve lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the immune system. The healing herbs like Red Clover, Shatavari, Pine, Yarrow, Lavender, and Calendula are sun infused in Almond oil with essential oils of St John's Wort, Chamomile (Blue) and Lavender. These herbs help to remove blockages in your lymph tissues and nourish and restore your cellular tissues. Warm this oil and massage.  

INGREDIENTS: Almond Oil infused with Shatavari, Red Clover, Pine, Lavender, Calendula, Yarrow, Essential oils of Blue Chamomile, St John's Wort and Lavender.  

  • 2 oz
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