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  • No. 04 - Bois de Balincourt: a sandalwood fragrance with a dominant cedarwood & sandalwood accord supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex with an earthy vetiver note
  • No. 06 - Neige de Printemps: a fruity fragrance with a blood orange top note enhanced by a rich blend of mandarin, kumquat and a touch of sugar. 
    • No. 10 - Aboukir: a spicy eucalyptus top note with a floral amber heart composed of jasmine, lavender, carnation and a rich amber accord
    • No. 12 - Bousval: this scent has nuances of Valencia Oranges are joined with Italian Bergamot and bold White Cardamom. A signature heart of Ginger Flower is complimented with Eucalyptus and earthy notes of Oakmoss. Undertones of rich, sultry woods add to misted Musk for a modern aroma.