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Eau de parfum

Eau de parfum

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Les Lunatiques

Forêt Dormante-Based on their interpretation of the scent of the moon and the lunar lunacy effect - the correlation between the moon and its behavioral effects on humans. The scent is soft and creamy with cold metallic and resinous nuances with a touch of sweetness. Smooth and mellow but very long-lasting, powerful floral. Made with in-house tinctures of copal resin and a botanical musk accord + pure essential oils and plant extracts. Base notes: copal resin, botanical musk accord, sandalwood, orris butter, myrrh Middle note: jasmine Top notes: opoponax with a hint of black pepper, camphor, and wormwood. Aspects: creamy, resinous, heady floral, musky Ingredients: pure alcohol, essential oils, plant extracts, floral hydrosols.

Rose Fantôme- not your typical rose perfume. Inspired by le Cimetière du Père Lachaise de Paris and its moss-covered stones and porcelain grave adornments, you won’t find the scent of fresh blooming roses here - rather, a cut rose that’s been left and forgotten. A rose that’s become one with its surroundings, blending with the scents of dried grass and lichen, hay, and dirt. It’s a bit earthy and agrestic, but still maintains an ethereal softness Notes: porcelain roses, fallen leaves, moss, cepes/mushroom, immortelle, and hay. Aspects: earthy, agrestic, sophisticated floral Ingredients: pure alcohol, essential oils, plant extracts, floral hydrosols. Presented in an 8ml clear glass bottle with an atomizer spray top.

Presented in a 8 ml clear glass bottle with atomizer.

Made in Canada

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