Sunday Thoughts | 11/1/20

We know the importance of shopping small, we've even created a day around it! (one that even digitally, I am looking forward to this year, stay tuned for more of those details!)

We know that supporting handmade makers and small businesses, means we are supporting families directly.

But, as I clean around my house this morning I'm struck by the delight in being able to do so. 

As someone who still actively shops at Target, and hell I, Amazon prime at least once a week (just think they should be paying more in!)

But, as someone who understands and partakes in the world's commercialism.. why do I continue on with a novelty shop with an emphasis on handmade items, especially now? 

And the answer is quite simple, they bring an extra bit of happiness--they add magic to an object that's found it's way into my home in a way that something else of it's kind never could. 

When I look around my home I see--well, a lot of second hand because I  adore being able to give pieces new life--I see selected pieces from shops that I love + makers that have inspired me over the years. 

I want to continue bringing as much beauty and magic into the world as I can and will stick with this as long as I can--it's honestly been so hard to try and figure out what this space looks like when it's not physically a shop. With the connection of our restaurant and living above with our small child, Wolf and I have made the hard choice to continue to keep our doors closed as we don't believe anything has changed in our community. We are choosing to keep our family and our staff as healthy and protected as we possibly can with the few choices in our control. 

We are so thankful for the continued support throughout the last, how many? months since we switched to a take out method literally overnight on March 15th. --and while we know it will be a while before we can enjoy our businesses in the traditional sense, we are grateful for the continued support and our amazing team for continuing to get creative. 

I have some ideas for the holiday and Small Business Saturday that I will bring your way---and I will continue to bring new makers to the website and wrap things up for local pick up and to ship your way! I know holidays won't look the exact same this year, but I am hoping to bring some items that will help bring a little extra magic to your home and your gift giving. 

Know you can message me or email me if you have any questions..if you are looking for a specific gift, want a note sent with a package or just want to check in. I love hearing from you! Lots of times I am in the restaurant too, so if you need something packed up quickly, just shoot me an email (or call the restaurant!) and I will do my best to get it to you. 

I urge you all to vote if you have not already. I urge you to wear your mask. I urge you to continue to be kind to yourself and to your community. 


Sending the warmest energy out to you and yours, 


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