Photo: Mann Frau


Hello all, 

My name is Whitney Schaefer and I am the owner/operator of Orange and Blue Co. I am thrilled to bring this shop to Milwaukee, and so happy to have my doors open! After years of living in other US cities and abroad, I returned to Milwaukee in 2011 and realized how wonderful of a city it was. In Milwaukee, I met my husband, Wolfgang and very early on we worked to combine our separate dreams into one mutual vision: a building to house my shop, and his (coming soon) restaurant, Uncle Wolfie's Breakfast Tavern

I draw on my background in art and retail experience to bring you a curated lifestyle shop, all hand selected by myself. I mix vintage and modern made pieces to provide a stylized shopping experience, ever changing with the seasons. My hope is that everyone who walks in my doors feels welcome and comfortable, and if you find a treasure to take home with you, even better! 

I can't wait to welcome you into the shop!